On Anghami:

  • We’re a homemade startup with international swagger and over 70 million registered users.
  • We pride ourselves with our Users and our Product.
  • We work hard every day to understand the needs and aspiration of our users.
  • We believe that music is ambivalent: It is as social as it is personal.
  • And so we aim at providing users with all the tools and features that grant them the full freedom to explore, share and connect through music.

Anghami from a DevOps:

  • The core Anghami API is written in PHP application. Our infrastructure runs entirely within Amazon Web Services in a complex environment that uses Nginx, Varnish, Kibana, Elasticsearch and others.
  • You will be exposed to tools and technology like Kubernetes, Prometheus, CloudFormation, Terraform, and others. You will help automate and streamline the company's operations and processes through innovations in application monitoring and alerting, CI/CD modernization, and other efforts.
  • We use MySQL, Redshift, DocumentDB, Spark, Redis & Memcached for most of our storage.
  • Our iOS application is developed in Objective-C, while our Android application is written in Java. The web integration our customers use is built on Angular.js.
  • We don’t need you to be familiar with any of these technologies to work with us, as we know that great people are effective and learn what we use quickly (or introduce us to better ways of working).

Who are we looking for:

  • We are looking for a versatile DevOps Engineer to join our fast-growing team.
  • Our Infrastructure team is responsible for evolving and maintaining the platform on which Anghami lives and ensures the reliability, performance, scalability, efficiency and security of Anghami as a whole.
  • We are responsible for ensuring the day to day smooth operation of Anghami build and deploy workflows, production applications, and infrastructure.
  • Ideally you are an engineer with experience in system administration, linux administrator and cloud services.
  • As a DevOps Engineer, you’ll be responsible for the whole platform, from performance and monitoring to security and everything in between. You’ll be at the heart of building and maintaining the technical infrastructure we rely on every day, getting the opportunity to architect an infrastructure that already serves +50 Million users and growing.
  • You’ll have the chance to make the tough decisions that we need to make to take us to the next level, choosing the right tools for the job and leading projects to solve real problems for both our users and engineers. We like to ship fast, often, and safely, and our engineers are shipping code daily.
  • You are expected to work on our existing AWS infrastructure as well as leverage new technologies that improve Anghami’s availability, performance and cost across our whole software stack and infrastructure - while responding to alerts.

About you:

We think a successful candidate would have some of the following traits:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, or related field or equivalent experience
  • Passionate about Anghami's mission to bring music to the region.
  • Working experience of Shell scripting, Python and PHP
  • Strong understanding of LAMP architecture (Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP)
  • Knowledgeable in AWS Technologies such as : EC2, RDS, S3, Aurora, Redshift, CloudWatch and others
  • Knowledgeable in docker and containers
  • Knowledgeable in HaProxy/Nginx
  • Ideally, having experience enabling CI/CD pipelines using tools such as Jenkins, AWS Code Pipeline or others.
  • Must be skilled in logical thinking and troubleshooting skills
  • Persistent/tenacious problem-solver adept at critical thinking
  • Effectively prioritize multiple tasks based on short and long term goals.
  • Fast learner/adaptable/desire to learn and improve.


  • We offer very competitive salaries, potential stock options, remote working opportunities, paid vacations, training and development, team building and social events, plus an attractive benefits package including health insurance.
  • We also offer startup perks including unlimited coffee, events every other week and an exciting offices in multiple countries
  • If you are interested in joining a team of passionate, extremely talented industry veterans in the mobile space, who like to work hard and play hard, we look forward to hearing from you soon.


  • This position might be relocated to Abu Dhabi/UAE in the near future. Anghami handles the transition including the visa - from Lebanon - to UAE.