Company mission: Anghami plays a major role in elevating the value of the music industry, flipping the funnel from a declining revenue market to a fast-growing market that has shifted from a content owned (downloaded and purchased) to a content streamed industry, driven by its mission to scale access to legal music where artists are remunerated with 50% of their stream revenues.

Job Title: Kids Music Curator

Purpose: As part of our Content team, you will help creating playlists that appeal to our youngest audience. You will help managing databases of content, respond to content requests, and help improving content suggestions.

As an ideal candidate, you are closely familiar with the world of music for children. You are experienced in organizing interactive kids’ activities, and you follow the latest trends on what kids around the world are following in terms of music, videos and movies. You are passionate about music! But also about how children interact with music.


  • Curate and maintain a variety of Special Kids Music playlists;
  • Identify the appropriate, trending and relevant songs to be added to various playlists;
  • Follow trends related to Major Kids Youtube Channels Worldwide & The Middle East (French, English & Arabic Releases) on a daily basis;
  • Report Missing Content;
  • Come up with new ideas to enhance kids’ playlists section;
  • Metadata quality management and fix data errors.


  • Excellent Knowledge of international kids’ Music, Theatre & Events;
  • Previous Experience in Organizing Kids Activities, Events or Shows;
  • Collaborative team player;
  • Good communicator;
  • Ability to manage databases of content, respond to content requests and extract actionable insight from analytics.