The gist of it

  • You are Saudi-based and immersed in the culture
  • You are also a music lover & always take part in the music scene
  • You know the ins and out of every social channel
  • Fluent in wittiness and in analyzing data
  • You communicate with visuals as easily as you do with words
  • You are always bustling with ideas
  • You don’t only follow trends, you set them
  • You are always ready to capture a great moment

On any given day

  • You will create engaging Anghami content mainly on Snapchat
  • You will be the link between Anghami and Saudis
  • You will advertise the product as an integral part of Saudis everyday lives
  • Anghami will be a solid part of your life too
  • You will look at data to source insights and ideas that will resonate with the audience targeted
  • Your main responsibility will be raising brand equity through day-to-day communications

The must-haves

  • Published social content that will knock us off our chairs
  • Fluency in Saudi dialect & English
  • Basic fluency in Photoshop & video editing
  • Previous brand experience is a plus

On Anghami

  • We’re a homemade startup with international swagger.
  • We pride ourselves with our Users and our Product.
  • We work hard every day to understand the needs and aspiration of our users.
  • We believe that music is ambivalent: It is as social as it is personal.
  • And so we aim at providing users with all the tools and features that grant them the full freedom to explore, share and connect through music.

    If you’ve got the swagger, the passion and the resilience,
    we look forward to knowing more about you.