On Anghami:

  • We’re a homemade startup with international swagger.
  • We pride ourselves with our Users and our Product.
  • We work hard every day to understand the needs and aspiration of our users.
  • We believe that music is ambivalent: It is as social as it is personal.
  • And so we aim at providing users with all the tools and features that grant them the full freedom to explore, share and connect through music.

The gist of it

  • You listen much more than you speak, highly observant and a fan of simplicity.
  • Fluent in turning insights and ideas into stories, through collaboration.
  • Extremely comfortable animating with creativity and effectiveness to various audiences, through various channels.
  • Video work that is relatable and that truly resonates with clear demographics.
  • Strategic by nature and a true believer in the power of music.

On any given day:

  • You will create ideas to communicate the uniqueness of the Anghami product, you will need to believe in it.
  • You will look at various audiences across more than five markets and find the best ways to address them
  • You will look at data to source insights and ideas that have realistic impact
  • You will write Anghami campaigns meant to acquire new users and boost brand equity
  • You will think for brands that advertise on the Anghami platform

The must-haves:

  • Published and non-published ideas and videos that will knock us off our chairs
  • Fluency in video creation
  • Fluency in Photoshop
  • Previous experience with a brand or in an agency

If you’ve got the swagger, the passion and the resilience, we look forward to knowing more about you.